My Cupertino Roots

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A Home in Cupertino

Growing up in Cupertino, my inspiration for public service came from my parents who taught me to work hard in public school and give back to my community. 

The daughter of a Cupertino Public School Librarian, I received an incredible education at Portal, Kennedy, and Monta Vista, had the opportunity to work at Cupertino small businesses, schools, and non-profits after graduating from college, and I learned how tackle our most pressing issues through my work in City Government. 

As a legislative staffer in City Government, I've assisted in drafting and passing a range of laws and have successfully navigated city bureaucracies. Before working in Government, I worked as a Grassroots Organizer here in Cupertino and around the Bay Area, mobilizing people to take action on the issues they care about. 

In short, I'm a product of Cupertino and I'm fighting for our future. 

My priorities are concrete solutions that will bring real results.

I'll fight to make sure Cupertino remains a place where people can live, raise their families, work, and retire. I'll fight for you!


A Product of this City


Teaching our student population

Before entering public service, I was active in our local community as a piano teacher in a Cupertino School. Over the course of five years, I developed relationships with numerous Cupertino families, in part learning about their experiences in our city. 

Preserving our open spaces

Volunteering at Deer Hollow Farm at our Rancho San Antonio County Park throughout my childhood taught me the importance of preserving our natural resources. Years later, I am proud to serve on the Friends of Deer Hollow Farm's Board of Directors and protect this open space for generations to come.

Engaging our Residents

As a Grassroots Organizer at the local, statewide, and federal level, I have consistently fought for causes that matter most to our community and led passionate teams of activists my entire career. I mobilized 100's  to take part in the political process here in Cupertino!

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Protecting our Environment

Serving on the Citizen’s Advisory Board of our Community Choice Energy provider, Silicon Valley Clean Energy, allows me to further promote 100% carbon-free and renewable energy in Cupertino. 

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Serving our City

After analyzing our City Budget, I was able to identify untapped sources of revenue. I worked with our Councilmembers to capture these sources for Affordable Housing and other city needs.


Fighting for our Future

My work in City Government has provided me with a nuanced understanding of the challenges we face as a City as well as the tools to address them effectively. I know the inspiring and unique character our city possesses and I'm running for City Council to build a better Cupertino for all of us!