My Story



              Growing up in Cupertino, my inspiration for public service came from my parents who taught me to work hard in public school and give back to my community. I’ve lived in Cupertino since I was 5, and am a product of Cupertino public schools: Portal, Kennedy, and Monta Vista. Even as a young girl, I admiringly watched my mother who worked hard in the Cupertino public school system as a librarian, volunteer organizer, and fundraiser. 

Right after graduating from Mills College, the oldest women’s college on the West Coast, I set out to work as a Community Organizer for local campaigns, and later as a City Council Legislative Aide. Consciously choosing to stay in this community required working 7 days a week since high school, sometimes juggling two jobs at a time or working 70-hour weeks. As a Grassroots Organizer here in Cupertino and around the Bay Area, I’ve mobilized people to take action on the issues they care about and improve their community. As a legislative staffer in City Government, I've assisted in drafting and passing a range of laws and have successfully navigated City bureaucracies. The issues I worked on included addressing our historic housing crisis, climate change prevention, neighborhood traffic mitigations, safety improvements, and code enforcement cases to name a few. 

While I no doubt enjoyed the ability to fight for causes that would improve peoples’ lives, I never thought I’d be running for office myself. I feel compelled by these particularly pressing times. 

I think we’re a great City, but we are facing many challenges that need to be proactively addressed. Cupertino is experiencing the downfalls of poor long-term planning that has put an increased burden on our neighborhoods and schools, from intense traffic congestion to rapidly rising living costs. Folks like me, our parents, and our grandparents are finding this City untenable and unlivable.  When we speak out at Council Meetings, we're not being heard. 

I value data-driven decision making, sound fiscal policy and integrity. Cities should be proactively planned with forethought to ensure complete communities without sacrificing our quality of life: strong schools, safe neighborhoods, thriving retail, and affordable housing opportunities for our teachers, public service employees, and aging population.

I’ve worked in other Cities outside of Cupertino. As a Councilwoman, I want to incorporate the best practices from other cities and work with stakeholders to surpass them, so that Cupertino can lead the way.

We need to lay the foundation for the future of Cupertino, today!

I’m running for Cupertino City Council because I know how to navigate red tape in order to create real change, and I know that real change happens at the local, grassroots level.

In short, I'm a product of Cupertino and I'm fighting for our future. 


Experience and Accomplishments


Occupation: City Council Legislative Aide and Community Organizer
Education: Portal, Kennedy, Monta Vista, and Mills College (B.A.) Graduate



  • Worked with Traffic Engineers and constituents on implementing traffic mitigations and safety measures from stop signs to hazard flashing crosswalk lights

  • Wrote a variety of City Council Legislative items that passed through the legislative process, including, a cigarette butt pollution prevention program, a study of alternate renewable energy sources, and traffic calming measures to name a few

  • Handled dozens of neighborhood constituent cases that varied from excessive noise complaints to code enforcement violations

  • Identified untapped sources of revenue after analyzing the Cupertino City Budget, and worked with Councilmembers to capture these sources for Affordable Housing and other city needs

  • Worked closely with Councilmembers and Elected Officials in a variety of capacities to get things done!


  • Organized an effective town hall on saving an emergency acute-care hospital that is critical to 1000’s of lives that resulted in the community developing an action plan to save the hospital

  • Ran a Congressional Campaign Office in Cupertino

  • Elected as a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention, representing Cupertino

  • Coordinated a successful City Council campaign

  • Led a successful effort to pass a Cupertino City Resolution in support of Senate Bill 100 - 100% carbon-free electricity by 2045 in California

  • Served on a statewide California Young Democrats Caucus Board

  • Currently serve on the Friends of Deer Hollow Farm Board of Directors and Chair the Marketing Committee

  • Former livestock volunteer and volunteer camp counselor at Deer Hollow Farm

  • Graduate of the Emerge California Program

  • Currently serve on a Citizen’s Advisory Board of our Community Choice Energy provider, Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE), reviewing and analyzing the potential for possible SVCE customer programs that would bring 100% carbon-free and renewable energy in Cupertino

  • Volunteered on field programs, fundraising, and communications for several campaigns, including ballot measures

  • Former Volunteer at Sacred Heart Community Service

  • Former Music Teacher at a Cupertino Music School

(partial list)