The City of Cupertino REFUNDS 35% of the sales tax it receives from Apple, back to Apple. Cupertino originally agreed to tax rebates back in 1997 when Apple was on the brink of bankruptcy – but why are we still providing refunds to Apple today? As your councilmember, I pledge to explore this rebate further to protect the interests of Cupertino residents. 

Small Business

Out of the 3,305 estimated business located in Cupertino, only 1 has more than 5,000 employees, while about 3,000 have 1-10 employees. Surprisingly, Cupertino's current business license tax is structured such that businesses with larger square footages pay proportionally less than small businesses. 

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our community and country. I want to help small business get ahead. A Small Business hub at City Hall could coordinate/expedite permitting, licensing, inspections, and payments, and provide information about other services available to small businesses in Cupertino. An inexpensive “Legacy Business of the Month” program could highlight the history of Cupertino’s long-time small businesses.