Funding our Schools

I’m interested in exploring reform of our unequal parcel tax system in which large apartment buildings are charged a single tax, while individual condos and single family homes are charged individual taxes. (100 units rented as apartments pay one parcel tax, and 100 units sold as condos or single family homes pay 100 parcel taxes) Switching to a per unit, instead of per parcel, system has the potential to bring a significant amount of funding back to our schools.  The change would not affect the parcel tax homeowners pay.

FUSHD parcel tax is $98 a year and CUSD parcel tax is $150 a year; tax exemptions are available to Senior residents. While renters themselves wouldn’t pay these taxes, the burden could be shifted to them (about $250 a year). I would want to hear from the public to see if this is a reform that the community wanted. 

Student Internship Programs

I’d like to create a City Council internship program to engage students with City Legislative Matters and Constituent Services. As someone who grew up in Cupertino, I know that the youth here can be disengaged from civic matters.

Cupertino Library

The Cupertino Library is a centerpiece of the city and by far the busiest library in the county by any metric. Our library gives folks in our community tools to achieve education, understanding, and success. In the interest of preserving our high achieving public schools, community college and avenues for life-long learning, we must prioritize our library. To this end, Cupertino’s recent extension of Library service to 72 hours a week (in conjunction with the Santa Clara Library District) was a major victory.

I support the program room expansion at the Main Library Site which could serve a variety of purposes in our community and I adamantly opposed Council’s recent consideration of dissolving the Cupertino Library Commission. Read my Letter, “Save the Cupertino Library Commission!”, that was printed in the Cupertino Courier:

Here are steps we can take to alleviate Library parking issues:

  • Construct an additional parking garage (potentially underground) to increase parking spots even though it will be costly

  • Study creating an offsite parking location for City Employees and a shuttle from that location to City Hall and the Library; this would open up more spaces for visitors

  • Study reducing the patron parking time limit

  • Create additional secure bike parking