Here's How I'll Help:


Traffic and Transportation

  • Bring a Free City-Wide Shuttle to Cupertino

  • Expand Parent Carpooling Programs

  • Implement Neighborhood Traffic Calming Measures

  • Prioritize Pedestrian Safety Improvements

  • Create long-term connections to regional county transit systems

  • Improve Bike Infrastructure


  • Expand Recycled water conservation efforts around the City

  • Hold the Lehigh Cement Plant to higher environmental standards

  • Work to prevent a second mining pit at Lehigh

  • Support 100% carbon-free and renewable Energy through Silicon Valley Clean Energy

  • Implement Zero Waste programs in conjunction with our School District


  • Strengthen partnerships between our City and School Districts

  • Work in coordination to counter overcrowding or under-enrollment

  • Create a Student Internship Program at City Hall

  • Ensure the Cupertino Library Commission thrives

  • Support Library Program Room expansion at the main library site


Open Government

  • Increase the community's voice through surveys, polling, and popup events

  • Personally respond to every constituent inquiry

  • Host Town Halls and Office Hours

  • Place restrictions around moneyed interests lobbying at City Hall

  • Ensure new technology is compatible with our right to privacy

  • Lead with integrity, accountability, and transparency

Housing Affordability

  • Ensure sustainable affordable housing opportunities at Oaks and Vallco

  • Reduce unnecessary barriers to ADUs

  • Assist non profits in creating affordable housing opportunities for our teachers, public service employees, and aging population

Responsible Planning

  • Hold developers accountable

  • Plan responsibly for our future; improve our quality of life

  • Balance Jobs and Housing to avoid unsustainable growth

  • Ensure planned Infrastructure: water, energy, green standards

  • Place Objective Standards in our General Plan to avoid imbalanced development

  • Lead transparently through community-based decision making

  • Coordinate with our regional neighbors


Public Safety

  • Launch public information campaigns to protect from car break-ins

  • Increase neighborhood watch meetings/email groups

  • Move County patrol officers to problem areas around the City

Community-Based Vallco

  • Actively engaged residents, especially Vallco neighbors

  • A negotiated, balanced project that benefits the City and the region

  • Transparent decision-making that puts the needs of the community first

  • Thriving retail, including small-businesses and entertainment

  • Housing component, with sustainable Affordable Housing solutions

  • Adequate Greenspace, including native plants

  • Community space component

  • Pedestrian-friendly public spaces: greenspace, plazas, and outdoor dining

  • Significant traffic relief measures including 1) shuttle buses to BART and/or Caltrain 2) funding for long-term transit solutions

  • Strict Green Demolition and Building Standards

  • Recycled Water irrigation and stormwater runoff management measures

  • Similar height limits to other developments in the center of our city following the community vision of the Cupertino General Plan

  • Wider set back standards to allow for adequate space for transit of future transit, including buses

  • Pro forma economic analysis: A Financial Feasibility Report conducted by an independent financial consultant with cost vs. benefit assessments of several different project options/land use mixes transparently disclosed to the community